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The Power of Enzymes

There are incredible advantages to supplementing with enzymes, both digestive and systemic. supp
This article is going to focus on systemic enzymes. First thing is to make certain you are supplementing with a good quality formula.
The doctors and staff of Cromwell Family Chiropractic believe that Enzymedica brand is top of the line for both digestive and systemic supplementation. You can find a selection of their product line on our shelves today.

Systemic enzymes decrease inflammation throughout the body which helps with disease prevention and disease recovery. Some of the areas enzymes help with are:
• Cleans the blood of fibrin reducing risk of clots
• Dissolves plaque in the arteries
• Boosts immune system through killing bacteria, viruses, other pathogens
• Improves circulation
• Reduces risk of food and pollen allergies
• Accelerates recovery from sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, contusions
• Improves recovery from surgery
• Reduces formation of scars & breaks down existing scar tissue that does not belong
• Eliminates plaque from teeth
• Helps MS symptoms reduce
• Helps arthritis
• Helps with sinusitis and asthma
• Helps speed recovery after workouts, eases muscle pain
• Aids in body cleansing and detoxification

Continuing to use systemic enzymes with a high proteolytic activity level on a regular basis will develop more energy and enhance your overall health.