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Jun 19

Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol

Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol

SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY PROTOCOL The Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol is a non-surgical treatment for: arm pain leg pain neck pain back pain repetitive injuries sciatica and arthritic stenosis associated with herniation, bulging discs and/or degenerative disc disease Spinal Decompression Therapy is a safe and comfortable treatment that helps discs damaged by compression, flexion, and/or rotation […]

Feb 10

From the Webbs

Such a wonderful testimonial from such a wonderful little patient.

Dec 30

Challenges Your Immune System Faces Each Day

CHALLENGES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM FACES EACH DAY                 If you are under a great deal of stress, not sleeping enough, engaging in poor eating habits and even natural aging can leave you vulnerable and less equipped to fight off seasonal immune challenges. 1) Long-term or extreme stress can […]

Oct 28


WHY DO YOU NEED MAGNESIUM? “Essential to life, necessary for good health, and a vital component within our cells, magnesium’s benefits help our bodies maintain balance, avoid illness, perform well under stress, and maintain a general state of good health.” (, 2016) If you are like most Americans, your dietary consumption of magnesium is less […]

Oct 11

Product of the Month – Quick Defense

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Quick Defense                               The immune system has a very simple but crucial job: to support the body against anything that may cause it harm. Unfortunately, many factors can depress immune system function. A poor diet, smoking, and […]

Sep 16

How Does Our Body Work

What do you think tells your eyelids to blink at the proper time? Or your lungs to breathe the correct number of times each minute? What tells your legs to hold you “upright” at this moment? What controls the operation of your kidneys, spleen, liver, blood flow, etc.? The answer is your NERVOUS SYSTEM The […]

Jul 14

Are You In or Out?

Are You In or Out?

Many Chiropractic patients (especially those new to care) make the mistake of crediting the ‘adjustment’ for healing them, or taking away their pain. Actually, adjustments don’t heal ANYTHING… it’s the time you stay IN adjustment, allowing your innate intelligence to heal you, that produces the result. Chiropractic adjustments set in motion the healing process that […]

Jun 28

What is the Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol?

WHAT IS THE SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY PROTOCOL? We’re glad you asked, and if you have any questions, please talk to our doctors! The Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol is a non-surgical treatment for disc compression, and helps symptoms associated with disc compression including leg pain, back pain, neck pain, arm and shoulder pain, tingling, repetitive injuries, […]

Jun 3

Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW? We offer Massage Therapy By Licensed Massage Therapists Right Here at Cromwell Family Chiropractic Alleviate pain and take care of your health with Therapeutic Massage Massage Therapy… Helps decrease chronic pain Increases circulation Speeds healing Alleviates muscle tension Increases flexibility Compliments chiropractic care We have licensed massage therapists trained to customize each […]

May 27

Tips Before Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and that usually adds a whole list of tasks to your “honey-do” list. Gardening, planting, weeding, mowing, raking, all can cause stress on your body, especially your spine. While gardening can provide a great workout, your body may not be prepared for all of the bending, twisting, pulling, and reaching that is […]

May 20

Flip Your Spine

Flip Your Spine

Professional real estate flippers can recognize the beauty and value in any dilapidated house. Take a home on the brink of falling apart, install some new hardwood floors, fix the foundation, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, plant some new grass and flowers, and voila, you’ve recouped your investment and much more. Flipping spines is […]

May 19

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

  Everyone knows what it feels like to not get enough sleep. Not only are you tired the next day you are irritable too. You are also more prone to illness and injury as your immune system is depressed and your decision making impaired. In fact, chronic sleep deprivation can shorten your lifespan, and there […]

May 6

Chiropractic Treatment for Posture Problems Related to Sitting

Chiropractic Treatment for Posture Problems Related to Sitting

  The majority of the patients we treat spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer. This is after having already spent most of their lives sitting at a desk in school. It’s just the way it is. Now this is all well and good if something is being done to counteract […]

Apr 28

Three Reasons your Shoulders are Always Tight

Three Reasons your Shoulders are Always Tight

Your Breathing: When we are in a sitting still we should breathe deeply into our belly using our diaphragm. Unfortunately this type of breathing is rare in our stress-filled lives. A more common breathing that you will see around the office is chest and shoulder breathing. This type of breathing relies on the muscles of […]

Apr 8

Restoring Innate Flow

Restoring Innate Flow

  A man turns on his tap, only to discover no water is coming out. He calls his neighbor, a medical doctor, who knows a little about plumbing. The MD turns the tap on and off a few times and also experiences no water flow. He then whips out a prescription pad and writes orders […]