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Subluxation Tuesday

Thanksgiving is almost here, so let the shopping stress begin! Millions of people worldwide will spend the next several weeks in a buying frenzy – determined to secure the perfect gift for a rock bottom price, all while sacrificing their health and their sanity in the process.

According to a 2006 Greenburg Quinlin Rosner Research survey ‘people in the United States are more likely to feel their stress increases rather than decreases during the holidays’ citing, ‘the holidays can be a hectic time for many, and a lack of money, a lack of time, and the hype and commercialism’ is the cause of it all. No doubt the self-induced stress of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can lead to Subluxation Tuesday.

The antidote – Don’t stress over finding the right present; instead, try BEING present. The greatest gift of all is the innate intelligence within you and a stress free nerve system to express it. Don’t let this year’s must have item steal your peace and healthiness. Get adjusted, get nervous system functioning optimally, and focus on the real reason for the season.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself this holiday season. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to help anyone else or get through all of the holiday stress? Also, treat yourself to one of our Massage Therapy specials we have running in the office RIGHT NOW!!! Check our Facebook page and for our massage specials. As always, we are here for you. Call 248-474-4484 to schedule an appointment today!