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Posture and Sleep




If you wake up in the morning feeling tired,

achy, tense, stiff, or irritable it just may be

caused by Poor Sleeping Posture!


Everybody is different. There is no “one way” or “one ideal” position to recommend for all of us to sleep. Therefore, let’s review the basics to help you determine what “your” best sleeping position is.

The most common positions to obtain a restful sleep are:

If you already suffer from back pain, sleeping on your stomach is especially bad as this position distorts your neck, mid-back and hips. Try not to sleep in this position even if you do not suffer from back pain.

The idealsleeping posture is on your back; hopefully with a pillow that supports your normal neck curve (you can even add a pillow under your knees, as this may relieve back pressure and help diminish stress).

The second best posture is on your side, legs nearly straight, with your head level and supported by pillow.

Additionally, “Proper sleep posture can relieve stress on your brain, spinal cord and discs, enhance body healing and repair, restore lost energy, and improve psychological health.” (Clinical Science Division, National College of Chiropractic, “Good Bedding, An Essential To Health Maintenance”)

Sleep Well!

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