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Flip Your Spine

Flip Your Spine 2
Professional real estate flippers can recognize the beauty and value in any dilapidated house. Take a home on the brink of falling apart, install some new hardwood floors, fix the foundation, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, plant some new grass and flowers, and voila, you’ve recouped your investment and much more.

Flipping spines is similar. Many patients begin their care with dilapidated spines. Kyphotic cervical curves, degenerating discs, and postural distortions are all compounded by inefficient nerve system function. These are the signs of neglect that often present during an initial chiropractic “inspection”. Unfortunately, most spine owners don’t know the maintenance required to keep their spines in a healthy, livable state. It isn’t until a crisis ensues that they learn how far they have let their “property” go.

“Moving out” of a bad spine is not an option, but “flipping it” back into shape is. If you have chronic spinal issues due to neglect or lack of knowledge, our chiropractors can help you get it back to “live-in” condition. With the right plan and enough time, you’ll recoup your investment and much more in health benefits. Our doctors have the knowledge and experience to get your spine back into shape. Call Cromwell Family Chiropractic at 248-474-4484 today to schedule an appointment.