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Challenges Your Immune System Faces Each Day











If you are under a great deal of stress, not sleeping enough, engaging in poor eating habits and even natural aging can leave you vulnerable and less equipped to fight off seasonal immune challenges.

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1) Long-term or extreme stress can have negative effects on the immune system making it less effective at fighting off illness.

2) A lack of sleep has been shown to impair immune function. The CDC states that more than a third of adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis.

3) Poor eating habits reduce the amount of nutrients needed for a well-functioning immune system. With all the processed and chemical laden foods we Americans indulge in, it is no surprise to find it more difficult for the body to maintain a healthy balance.

4) As people naturally age, the immune system function can decline, leaving a person vulnerable to immune challenges.

chiropractic-adjustmentsMaintaining a strong and healthy immune system is easier to do with the right nutritional support. Besides eating a nutritionally diverse, organic diet of vegetables, fats, proteins and some fruits, do continue your chiropractic care because chiropractic adjustments help regulate the nervous system. Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) control pretty much everything. It communicates with organs and immune tissue to control chemical reactions that keep you healthy.


congaplex-40-capsules-by-standard-process-extra4For additional nutritional support we recommend Congaplex to support a healthy immune response in an acute situation. For every day and long-term support we recommend Immuplex.  Both products are made by Standard Process, a company with more than 85 years experience at producing whole food nutrient solutions that doctors and health care practitioners can provide for their health conscious patients.

immuplex-150-capsules-by-standard-processIf you are interested in learning what you can do to help your immune system function at its best this winter season, and all year long, ask for a No Charge consultation with Susan.

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