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Are You In or Out?

are you in or out

Many Chiropractic patients (especially those new to care) make the mistake of crediting the ‘adjustment’ for healing them, or taking away their pain. Actually, adjustments don’t heal ANYTHING… it’s the time you stay IN adjustment, allowing your innate intelligence to heal you, that produces the result. Chiropractic adjustments set in motion the healing process that your body will do on its own.

Healing is a process of re-creating itself – replacing sick, old, tired cells with newer, stronger ones over time. The quality of those new, replaced cells depends on your body’s natural recuperative abilities to work uninterrupted. Chiropractic adjustments simply keep your nerve system clear long enough, providing enough ‘in order’ time for innate to accomplish the job. Ultimately, it’s the doctor inside you (plus time) that mends and keeps you well, not just the adjustment. Keeping your spine aligned helps to keep your nervous system function, so be sure to keep your appointments.

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